"Through the introduction and sharing of my music,
people will gain a unique listening experience
encompassing a myriad of emotions and feelings
of a healing and spiritual nature."

- Stephen J. Mahoney, Composer/Performer

Have you ever played for fourteen thousand people at a fair in Rhode Island in August, or performed on a live T.V. show on a friday night that reached millions of people? What is you missed your flight out of Frankfort, Germany, and found yourself in the Istanbul airport with armed Turkish soldiers? What about stopping to talk to some of the folks in line to see the show at the Celebrity show room in Reno before you go backstage to prepare for the next show? What if you looked out and saw just a wall of faces at night on the flight deck of the USS Ranger? Or have you ever played with a Grammy Award winning artist who just happened to be co-heading on a Caribbean cruise that week? How about playing in Kodiak, Alaska, for the summer and Fairbanks, Alaska, in the winter? Have you ever walked the beaches of Hawaii before before your gig that night? Did you ever teach your niece a vocal line two hours before you invited her into the studio to record a duet? Would you ever have imagined that you would have produced a CD for your 80 year old father using your own compositions and original arrangements? Have you ever liked autumn so much that you entitled your first CD "For the Changing of the Leaves"? Did you ever travel to the Olde Emerald Isle only to find yourself writing a song of that title? Have you ever just had some fun with your Siberian Husky in Decemer as he pulled people on a sled only to have your mother tell you to stop because your dog is too old? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, or if you find any of the situations intrigueing, then you have connected with just some of the experiences of this talented composer/performer.

Stephen J. Mahoney, (a native Bostonian) is a multi-faceted artist - composer, arranger, keyboardist and vocalist. His original compositions incorporate styles from a variety of genres. Using these influences and his experience as a musician, Mahoney creates a unique listening experience with wide audience appeal.

His first CD release, "For The Changing of The Leaves" (Love songs and instrumentals), blends melodies and harmonies with rich layers of orchestration. It was released in the Fall of 1997. "On The Bay" (smooth jazz - "classjazz" as Mahoney would say) was released in December of 1999. Mahoney is joined on this CD by vocalist Alicia Welch. His third CD, "Running With The Wolves", will be released in the Summer of 2002. All CDs are recorded on the Stephfran Music label which was founded in 1997 in Monterey, California.

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